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Blackout Roman Shades, Pleasant Hill

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Blackout Roman Shades, Pleasant Hill


Pleasant Hill


Denise Carr

Service Request:

Ms. Carr wanted to update her modern-looking interior with something special, and Roman shades were a great idea.

Our Solution:

A typical Roman shade comes in a relatively light fabric, so as to hang easily across the window. Of course, when you’re picking out custom designs there’s no need to worry about what most people do since you can design your own Roman shades. In this case, Ms. Carr had a complete vision for what she wanted, which meant the shades needed to block out light with a thick material. We were happy to oblige, and she eventually settled on a set of light-blocking Roman shades in a handsome and bold color choice. That complemented her room’s decor stunningly, and we thought it was a great idea. When we delivered and installed the new shades, our team had to remark on the amazing effect! 

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