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Custom Shades El Cerrito

Local Custom Made Blinds and Shades, Motorized

Get a free estimate from the nearest El Cerrito blinds installers in your area to see all available options for customizable window treatments and outdoor shades.

Custom Shades El Cerrito

When the time comes to choose new window blinds or shades for your business or home, you should consult with professionals. Our El Cerrito blinds specialists can offer you a lot of input on a wide range of window treatments, outdoor shades, and even curtains and drapes. Choosing blinds or other covers for your outdoor or indoor environments affects the entire property to an extent. Blackout curtains and blinds, motorized roller shades, and all the other options each offer a set of features and looks that may or may not work for you. The best and easiest way to figure out which blinds or shades best meet your needs is with a free estimate. And wouldn’t you know it, we provide free consultations and quotes on custom made motorized blinds and shades to the entire El Cerrito area!

Get Blackout Blinds or Curtains For Bedrooms

In places where you need to have privacy, not to mention, a good night’s sleep, blinds, and curtains matter even more. Blackout curtains offer a very effective way to block sunlight and keep your sleep optimal all night long. In fact, with blackout blinds and curtains, you can even fall asleep during the day. The blackout features of these curtains and blinds make them perfect for bedroom windows and skylights. Blackout blinds with overlapping vanes will not let any sunlight through, rendering your sleep and privacy optimal. Curtains with blackout fabric will do the same, with a flourish to the décor common with draperies. Add curtains or blinds to your El Cerrito bedroom and enjoy the ability to sleep with no interruptions from sunlight. For more info, feel free to arrange for a free quote.

Motorized Blinds With Wi-Fi Remotes

Many customers choose to utilize blinds motorization features for optimal control over their window treatments. Connecting to your Somfy motorized blinds system, for example, with your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, let’s you adjust the vanes or the vertical position of the blinds without lifting more than a finger. Motorized blinds add great utility to many El Cerrito properties, and can even help you save money with timer settings and scheduled programs. This applies to all window coverings, from roller shades to vertical blinds. Plus, it works outside too! Motorized outdoor shades for patios, decks, backyards, or lawns – every part of your outdoor areas can enjoy motorized awnings, shades, or other electric canopies and covers. And you’ve got a great selection of designs and special blinds motorization features to pick from too.

Outdoor Shades & Awnings – Patios, Decks, and More

To accommodate guests or just you and your family, having an overhead canopy in your patio or deck presents a wealth of benefits. Outdoor shades for El Cerrito patio areas, decking, or even yards and lawns lets you enjoy fresh outdoor air without the merciless blaze of the high noon sun. Outdoor shades, custom made to measure according to the designated area, will shield and provide cover from UV rays and blazing sunlight. This lets you enjoy your pool, patio, or just your backyard in tranquility and peace. Want to see different options? Book a free estimate on outdoor shades, motorized/manual, or any other window treatments, awnings, and roller patio covers. Consult with our local blinds and shades experts for the best input at no obligation or cost. 

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Motorized Blinds & Other Window Treatments

Motorized Blinds & Other Window Treatments

Every type of window shades or blinds we make can also come with a motor and remote control system. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RF technologies allow you to easily operate your motorized blinds remotely.
Oakland’s Best Affordable Blinds Source

Oakland’s Best Affordable Blinds Source

Get the window coverings you want for your office or home at a fair price from local San Francisco blinds makers and installers.
Roman Shades in All Styles

Roman Shades in All Styles

Choose from a fantastic variety of Roman-style window coverings, including relaxed, pleated, and flat.
Blackout Blinds & Sheer Window Shades

Blackout Blinds & Sheer Window Shades

Darken any Oakland home or business or use sheer window coverings to utilize sunlight without annoying glare.

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